Exited investments

Business angels fund II

Energia futura, uab

Solar energy (PV) plant design, sale and installation.

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Optonas, uab

Laser’s optics coating company. Invested in August, 2019.

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Business angels fund I

be kredito, uab

Provider of rental services of home appliances.

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retail development services, uab

Car self-service washer.


probiosanus, uab

Development and production of PROBIOTIC ™ natural cleaners and personal care products.

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Agrobirža, uab

Trading platform for the development of sales of agricultural raw materials, live animals, textile raw materials and semi-finished products.

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eruditus, uab

An information technology company that develops social networking learning tools and e-content distribution programs.


Ars Lab, uab

Solutions to identify freshness and quality of meat, poultry and fish.

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Finergija, uab

Energy Saving Solutions.

tūta, uab

Sportswear designer and manufacturer.

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volimeda, uab

Production and trade of wood pallet blankets in Western Europe and Lithuania.

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Gera dovana, uab

Experience gift cards retail and shopping centers gift cards service activities in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

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art 21, uab

Information technology solutions for agriculture companies.

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Mademaster, uab

The company is engaged in the production of automatic equipment and automation of manufacturing process. The funds invested were used for sales expansion.

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Prekybos centras internete, uab

GETSHOPIN develops a professional e-shops management platform.

Valdorfo didmenos, uab

Sauces and fast food preparation company.

Brolis Timber, uab

The company sells wood-based products: solid wood flooring, parquet boards, interior and exterior panels and terrace boards, supplements and provides related services. The company’s business line is organic decoration products for home and living environment.

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kaunas metal, uab

The armature processing company, which supplies the reinforcing article assembly facility, the preparation of reinforcement specifications, trade fittings, delivery of products to the object.The investment was used to increase production capacity and sales expansion to the Scandinavian countries – Finland, Sweden and Norway.

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okay lt, uab

nuostabioji technologija, uab

An innovative, energy-saving lighting technology development and manufacturing company that has developed LED light bulbs and has developed and produced efficient lighting solutions for the B2B segment. The funds invested were used to develop this technology and expand production capacities.


expovita, uab

Vitamin and Food Supplements Export Company.The company owns 35% of the food supplements production and distribution company UAB “Gamtos namai” shares.

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origmed, uab

The company is engaged in the development and production of ophthalmic preparations.

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alasca lt, uab

The company has created a recuperator, which effectively manages ventilation of premises with a high coefficient of heat conservation.

crt partner, uab

Fuel Cards Service Provider for Transport Companies.

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Baltic sun energy, uab

Sun energy power plant.

lepita, uab

Biogas power plant.

sigvilta, uab

Biogas power plant.