for business angels

Business Angel is a company or a private individual who is ready to invest into the selected company part of her/his/its capital and to share personal business experience with the management of target.
The joint aim of Business Angel and the Fund is to invest into return generating projects.
Business Angel and the Fund invests in equal parts, that is Business Angel invests 50% and the Fund invests 50% (including 5% invested by the Fund Manager) of the investment amount.
Business Angel together with the Fund seeks to acquire 50% share stake. From that amount Business Angel gets 25% of company shares.
Investment amount of Business Angel is from EUR 50 000 up to EUR 600 000 per company. Business Angel also dedicates one day per week to work together with management of the target. Business Angel has the possibility to invest the larger amount than the Fund and get respectively larger stake, than the Fund.
The company, combining several Angels or the company that decided to invest into business that is not related with its direct activities but is evaluated as perspective business can become Business Angel. Business Angel has to allocate part of her/his/its HR resources to supervise investment company activities.
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